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Mia, Mom of Hollyn -

Megan, I wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done to support Hollyn in developing both her voice and self-confidence thus far.  I know you've only been working together a short while, but she absolutely loves having you as her teacher and mentor, and it’s clear to me that she’s blossoming under your guidance.  I also appreciate your thoughtfulness in your interactions with young students / people (and people in general) — you clearly have a true and generous "teacher’s heart", and I interact with enough educators to know how rare and special that is.  So I just wanted to express my gratitude and say that I’m excited to see what the journey ahead will bring!

Lenin, Father of Karol and Angel - 

Our family is so grateful we have found such an amazing vocalist and music teacher.  We still remember the first day we met Ms. Megan at a non-for-profit company she used to teach. My daughter Karol was 7 years old and too young to sign up for her classes.  But Ms. Megan allowed her to enroll after Karol sang to her “Duerme Negrito”. Now my daughter is a member of Bishop Amat High School Honor Choir, and has participated in SCVA High School Honor Choir in Redlands. All-State Honor Choirs in Fresno, and has won 2nd Place in Amat got talent. Karol participates in recitals, performances, auditions and competitions because of her lessons with Ms. Megan.

My Oldest Son Angel also took singing classes and built the confidence to audition, and became a member of Bishop Amat High School Honors Chambers Chorus. 

We were so happy to watch our children sing at a Live Streamed Service Mass from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels for Healthcare Professionals. 

I recommend Ms. Megan Gillespie's classes. It has been the best decision for our children to learn music. 

Dena, Mother of McKenna -

McKenna started lessons in person with the one and only Fabulous Megan!!! Eventually, the lessons were moved online where they still meet every week. McKenna has really enjoyed working with Megan. McKenna had lessons from several voice coaches over the years and they never lasted very long. McKenna just hadn’t met Megan yet. They connected right away. McKenna has steadily improved over the past two years.

Megan was able to get McKenna to willingly participate in vocal competitions and recitals. Competitions and recitals were a hard no way for McKenna and now she has done several and really enjoys participating.

McKenna participated in the Classical Singer Competition in the High School Musical Theater category this past summer and impressively made it to the 2nd round with Megan as her coach every step of the way. McKenna was invited to sing in Chicago at a showcase run by CS and we went. It was an amazing experience for her. McKenna’s dream is to go to college next year and study Musical Theatre and go on to perform.

Megan, thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to your students.

Don T, Adult Student -

"Those who can’t do, teach."

  Regardless of how one feels about the validity of this adage, Megan Gillespie is one clear exception to this rule.   She is both a wonderful singer and excellent teacher.

  Megan is a steadfast taskmaster, never accepting a half-speed effort from any of her students, but never holding back on well-deserved, enthusiastic praise when they perform to their potential.  

  And ALWAYS with that amazing smile.

  Megan brings her years of hard work and diligent pursuit of her craft to the table, excelling as both a singer and instructor.  

  She makes her students want to be better and by example, makes them adopt her work ethic and pride.

  In short, she's an inspiration.   Her students want to BE like her.

  But the best thing about her is that she understands.   She understands that it's not always easy.   She understands that it doesn't always work.   And she makes her students understand that if they want it, they accept the responsibility and work for it.

  She doesn't make better singers.   She makes better people.

  And on those rare occasions when her students fall short of their goals, Megan is there to catch them, encourage them to do better, and, of course, show them how to do it! 

Carmen, Mother of Analise - 

"Analise has learned so much from her singing teacher, Megan Gillespie.  She has learned larger range, better tonal quality, singing without a break, better pitch control, breath control, ear training, sight singing, performance technique, microphone technique, interpretation of song and a lot of self confidence.   

Not only is Megan a quality vocal teacher, but she is always interested in knowing Analise's goals and ambitions as a singer.  Megan is always interested in knowing her accomplishments in various stage performances and contests and even attends some of them on her very own time."

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