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Megan Gillespie Keynote Speaker
Workshop Leader

Megan Gillespie, renowned public speaker and expert in client relations, donor relations, and conflict resolution, offers workshops in conflict resolution, wellness and burnout, and acting for singers. Check out her most recent workshop at University Nebraska-Omaha, Conflict Resolution for Performers, HERE

Professor Gillespie’s passion lies in helping Fortune 500 companies, tech giants, and university leaders create meaningful connections. With a unique blend of humor and audience participation, Professor Gillespie equips her audience with proven techniques and life tools that can be easily applied to enhance relationships. Book Megan Gillespie today to bring her dynamic energy and expertise to your next event or workshop through the contact form.

Technique of the week:


Quit Taking It Personally - How someone else reacts to your words and actions is not your responsibility. They may be having a very bad day so do not take their behavior personally, treate everyone with kindness and empathy & you will go far!


Why Am I Talking? - We talk so much more then we listen. How often can you not comment? How often can you listen and hear instead of think of a response?

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