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Megan Gillespie Keynote Speaker
Workshop Leader

Are your client relations strategies falling short? Are you struggling to build strong connections with your clients and customers? Look no further! Megan Gillespie, a renowned public speaker and expert in client relations, donor relations, and conflict resolution, is here to help. Check the bottom of this page for the technique of the week!

Welcome to Megan Gillespie's world of transformative public speaking! Megan is a renowned keynote speaker and expert in client relations, donor relations, and conflict resolution. Her passion lies in helping Fortune 500 companies, tech giants, and university leaders create meaningful connections. With a unique blend of humor and excitement, Megan equips her audience with proven techniques and life tools that can be easily applied to enhance relationships. Book Megan Gillespie today to bring her dynamic energy and expertise to your next event or workshop.

Technique of the week:

Three Sentences or Less

If you cannot communicate in three sentences or less by email or text, pick up the phone. We have a tendency to over explain and in written form we often miss understand each other.

PAUSE - Postpone Action Until Serenity Enters

How many times do we answer emails, calls, text or speak up in person without considering our options. How long can you pause on an email or decision before it become procrastination? How do you know when it is procrastination?

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